About the company

Usecase S.A. is a company specialising in the realisation of e-Learning courses, systems of education management and different types of traditional courses and workshops for corporate customers. We offer our customers modern methods of teaching, technologies, consulting services, and support; we take into account the needs and organisational culture of a given company.

We are aware that the world around us is ruled by the law of constant change which leads to the creation of new and the increase of already existing Customer needs. We have a passion for fulfilling our Customers’ requirements in order to reach the Customers’ satisfaction and most of all, the satisfaction of the recipients of our courses.

We put great emphasis on the professional and creative approach to the projects we are entrusted with, which in our minds constitutes the basis for obtaining high quality of the products we deliver.

The Usecase team consists of experienced designers, programmers, experts in methodology and merit, whose knowledge, competences and experience allow our company to offer products of the highest quality that effectively realise the appointed business and educational purposes.

Our employees have experience in both working with systems used in corporations as well as developing adequate e-Learning courses for new solutions and applications. We also prepare stationary courses for the employees of given organisational units.

We have the knowledge which allows us to steer the whole knowledge management process in an organisation, starting from the analysis of training needs, through the realisation of different education forms (E-Learning, Blended Learning, on-the-Job/on site, distance learning), to managing the process of delivering the courses, preparing the final tests and analysis of the carried out courses (lessons learned).

design and realisation: ibif.pl

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