For the realisation of educational projects for our customers we are using the newest accessible standards, technologies and tools which allow us to deliver high quality products in a defined timescale.

In-depth knowledge of the newest technologies allows us to design often very large e-Learning courses (even 10,000-12,000 screens or 20-30 hours of e-Learning courses) in a relatively short time - even from 1 to 3 months!

We have many years of experience in cooperation with the telecommunication supplier in Poland, in many areas including designing and delivering system courses. We are capable of preparing e-Learning course parallel to the design of implementing a given system in the Customer’s organisation, working with developers’ and test systems, during system tests or UAT tests.

The many years of experience our employees have, also resulted in devising innovative solutions developed solely for the needs of creating and delivering e-Learning courses. We have our own tools which can be used for:

  • production of e-Learning courses, 
  • support of the design processes of e-Learning courses, 
  • verification of the technical correctness of the courses and its compliance with the newest e-Learning standards (SCORM 1.2, 2004).

Delivery of large courses in a short time would not be possible without using advanced tools which we have created in order to automate the production of the courses. Thanks to these solutions we are capable of delivering courses on time, as expected by our Customers.

Our courses are based on verified and still developing technologies such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, OpenScript, DOM, XML and flash (including Action Script). Depending on Customer needs we offer courses complying with the standards of AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, thanks to which our courses work on many e-Learning platforms which service the above mentioned standards.

In the production of the e-Learning courses we use the commonly acknowledged tools of companies such as:

  • Sum Total System (ToolbookInstructor) - programming environment for creating all types of e-Learning, 
  • Adobe (the whole package of products in the CS5 version for creating graphic materials, advanced animation, educational games, exercises, and other multi-media elements for e-Learning courses, including mainly Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash builder),
  • SWIFT 3D (for the creation of 3D elements).

We have the experience in developing e-Learnign courses using the tools of the compnanyTrivantis Lectora Publisher, Saba Publisher, Adobe Captivate.

The couses produced by us work with LMS (Learnign Management System) platforms which comply with the AICC standard and SCORM1.2/2004 standard, such as: 

  • OpenSource Platforms:
    • OLAT 
    • Moodle
    • eFront
  • Commercial platforms:
    • SABA Learning
    • Oracle iLearning
    • IBM Workplace Collaborative Learning 
  • and other platforms compliant with the SCORM and AICC standards.

What is also significant is that our experts have the competences and experience in the area of complex implementations of LMS (Learning Management System) platforms, from the analysis of needs, choosing the best solution, preparing the equipment and network layers to implementation and possible customisation of the solution according to the needs of our Customers. We also offer servicing/maintenance services and business and technical administration through the LMS platform.

Depending on our Customers’ needs we can also offer implementations within the Customer’s infrastructure, also in the form of hosting (on external servers).

design and realisation:

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