e-Learning is a contemporary and effective way of increasing the qualifications and knowledge of the employees which uses the modern technology. It is a different understanding of education, with no time and space limits, which allows being competitive on the market to a much greater extent and reaching the set objectives.

Our offer consists of:

  • Design and production of e-Learning courses
    e-Learning courses carried out by Usecase use modern IT technologies thanks to which they are highly interactive and multi-media based. Compliance with the SCORM or AICC standards allows for publication of those courses on chosen e-Learning platforms which use the above mentioned standards.
  • Preparation and realisation of training programmes using both e-Learning and traditional stationary courses, also including blended learning courses. 
  • Implementation, administration and maintenance of platforms for LMS - Learning Management System) in companies, or allowing access to platforms based on ASP (Application Service Provider) rules, needed for a specific training course.
  • Consulting in the area of "knowledge management process" in an organisation, starting from the analysis of training needs, through the realisation of different education forms (E-Learning, Blended Learning, on-the-Job/on site, distance learning), to managing the process of delivering the courses, preparing the final tests and analysis of the carried out courses (lessons learned).

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