Applied methodologies

In carrying out the projects, Usecase S.A. uses our own methodology, developed based on our experience, which includes such main stages of creative process such as analysis, design, production, tests and starting the course. The methodology was developed by us over the years while we carried out our projects. As a company we are very keen to support our Customers in the evaluation of courses; that is why the stage of starting the course does not finish at simply passing on the ready product to the Customer and terminating further cooperation.  What is very valuable for us is the feedback from the target users of our courses - thanks to it we have a clear signal from the recipient whether the  course  fulfilled his/her expectations, what should be potentially improved or altered. We draw conclusions of this when we carry out next projects.

The specifics of  system courses leads us to developing them more and more often based on the agile SCRUM methodology (compliant with the Agile manifest). We use it more often as this methodology is perfect for developing the system courses during the realisation of which one needs to constantly follow the changes happening in the application, react and adjust to them. The wide range of this type of courses, the limited time for their development, the changing, unstable, constantly evolving application environment - these are the key factors causing this method to work perfectly in this area and allows us to develop in a very short period of time courses which are effective and, what’s important, tailor made and delivering maximal Customer satisfaction. Using the agile methodology in our case is the reason why we are keen to cooperate with Customers who also use this methodology. By using this methodology in our company to publish custom made courses, we encourage our team to be included in the scrum production teams of our Customer - we can work this way.

design and realisation:

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