E-Learning courses

Usecase S.A. is a company specialising in delivering training courses for enterprises and organisations. Our offer includes both traditional stationary courses and innovative form of training using e-Learning. Below you can find products or actions carried out by our experts during realisation of educational projects based on e-Learning.

Merit and technical preparation of e-Learning courses, including:

  • Analysis of training scope 
  • Preparation of the training scope 
  • Preparation of the merit structure of the training 
  • Preparation of the graphic and functional design on the training 
  • Preparation of the conception of given units of course content 
  • Preparation of the merit materials (lessons scenarios, questions, simulations etc.) 
  • Preparation of the course content 
  • Publication and tests of the ready course content in the target environment 
  • Technical and mentoring support

Our offer also includes other innovative methods of distance learning, e.g.:

Distance Learning using "virtual classrooms" - types of synchronic courses using an IT application in which all of the users and the trainer are online, communicate with each other using audio/video technology or text/written using chat. Using the virtual blackboard the trainer presents the training material in the form of documents, presentations or screening or even making available the desktop of his/her computer. It is an excellent alternative for logistically complicated and expensive traditional trainings.

Rapid e-Learning - Type of an e-Learning course detailed because of the time criterion of its duration.  Courses of this type are prepared in much shorter period of time than the traditional e-Learning courses and are usually much cheaper, which allows the company who carry them out to save time and money.  Usually, the content of the training changes quickly and is very often updated. It allows both the participants and the persons delivering a given course to quickly react to any changes in a given area.

M-learning (mobile learning) - delivered using portable wireless devices such as laptops, palmtops and also smartphones. In order to comply with the requirements of m-learning all of the devices need to have constant wireless Internet access in any possible place.

design and realisation: ibif.pl

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