Usecase delivers system and traditional courses for a leading telecommunication company in Poland.

Our company also realised projects for one of the largest courses provider in Poland, whose objective was to deliver e-Learning courses in the areas of project management, scheduling and project management based on the PMI methodology for the banking sector.

KOur experts’ competences are supported by many years of experience is realisation of various training projects, starting from implementation of distance learning systems, preparation and delivery of system courses, soft courses, product courses, to realisation of traditional courses, blended-learning and  distance learning.

Our employees have experience in realisation of projects for companies from branches such as:

  • telecommunication
  • banking
  • insurance
  • public

Chosen examples of projects realised by our experts:

  1. Realisation of several dozen of e-Learning and traditional courses in IT systems use for the key telecommunication supplier in Poland from 2004 onwards.  As a part of given projects each time a 1,000 up to 6,000 people were trained. The projects lasted from 1 up to 3 months. The size of the courses oscillated between  300 up to as much as 15,000 screens. The works in the projects included the analysis of training needs, preparing the scope, structure and methodology of system courses, preparing the merit materials for system courses, preparing training materials for implementation workshops, production and publication of the e-Learning courses on the LMS Saba platforms in the SCORM and AICC standards, together with tests, delivering the implementation workshops, managing the realisation of the projects.
  2. Realisation of a project for the Ministry of Finance which included comprehensive implementation of a distance learning system (platform Lotus Learning Space) together with a package of traditional courses and courses using the so-called "virtual classroom" for various groups of users of the system (IT administrators, business administrators, designers of the e-Learning courses, employees of the HR department). As a part of the project additional tools for creating e-Learning courses have been delivered. The project also included preparing and delivering dedicated package of courses for the employees of customs administration in the form of e-Learning and distance learning (so-called "virtual classroom"). The project was the first implementation of a Distance Learning System in Polish national administration.
  3. Realisation of a project for one of the banks in Poland included implementation of a distance learning system (Oracle iLearning platform) and the delivery of e-Learning courses for the employees of the bank in the area of soft competences (sales training) and use of IT systems. The works relating to the delivery of the e-Learning courses included: analysis of the training needs, obtaining the source materials from the Experts in Bank’s strategy, preparing scenarios of e-Learning lessons, preparing a set of exercises in the field of Customer service, creating a graphic design, including an interface for the user which would support the learning process, management of the e-Learning courses’ realisation.
design and realisation: ibif.pl

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